Case details

Court: mad
Docket #: 4:12-cv-11797
Case Name: AF Holdings, LLC v. St. Louis
PACER case #: 146877
Date filed: 2012-09-27
Date terminated: 2013-02-26
Date of last filing: 2012-09-28
Assigned to: District Judge Timothy S Hillman
Case Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: 820 Copyright
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Jurisdiction: Federal Question


Represented Party Attorney & Contact Info
AF Holdings, LLC
Daniel G. Ruggiero
P.O. Box 291 Canton, MA 02021 339-707-2808 Fax: 339-707-2808 Email:

Maxime St. Louis


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2012-09-27 1 0 Complaint COMPLAINT against Maxime St. Louis Filing fee: $ 350, receipt number 0101-4134955 (Fee Status: Filing Fee paid), filed by AF Holdings, LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A of the Complaint, # 2 Exhibit B of the Complaint, # 3 Civil Cover Sheet, # 4 Category Form, (Ruggiero, Daniel) (Modified on 9/28/201 to Correct Docket Text) (Paine, Matthew). (Entered: 09/27/2012)
2012-09-28 2 0 Report on the filing/termination of patent/trademark case REPORT ON THE FILING OF AN ACTION REGARDING PATENT OR TRADEMARK. (Paine, Matthew) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2012-09-28 3 0 Corporate Disclosure Statement CORPORATE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT by AF Holdings, LLC. (Paine, Matthew) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2012-09-28 4 0 Case Transferred Out - Divisional Transfer Case transferred to Central Division (Worcester) (Paine, Matthew) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2012-09-28 5 0 Case Transferred In - Divisional Transfer Case transferred in from Eastern Division (Boston) on 9/28/2012 Case Number 1:12-cv-11797. (Alba, Robert) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2012-09-28 6 0 Notice of Case Assignment ELECTRONIC NOTICE of Case Assignment. District Judge Timothy S Hillman assigned to case. If the trial Judge issues an Order of Reference of any matter in this case to a Magistrate Judge, the matter will be transmitted to Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings. (Abaid, Kimberly) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2012-09-28 7 0 Summons Issued Summons Issued as to Maxime St. Louis. Counsel receiving this notice electronically should download this summons, complete one for each defendant and serve it in accordance with Fed.R.Civ.P. 4 and LR 4.1. Summons will be mailed to plaintiff(s) not receiving notice electronically for completion of service. (Burgos, Sandra) (Entered: 09/28/2012)
2013-02-25 8 0 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by AF Holdings, LLC (Ruggiero, Daniel) (Entered: 02/25/2013)